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My Account

Signing Up for Custom and Color Poster Printing

It's free to register with ePingo, setup albums and upload your pictures. Enter your first & last name, email address, and a password you will remember. The email address and password is required to login the next time you visit ePingo. Click I accept the terms box and then click the create account button. You are now ready to begin poster printing by uploading your images to an album.

We do not require any other information until you place an order. Once you have placed your first order, the next time you login all of your account information will be displayed. You may revise your account information at any time.

Click here to learn How to Place an Order.

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Update account information
Your account information is saved on our secure servers. You may change information in your account at any time. All of your albums are saved on our servers by your name and date. Company name is important if you are shipping to a business address. Please be sure to include an apartment # or suite number in the address field. Canadian customers please include the province and postal code. Please enter a valid email address in your account; it may be the same as the registration email address. (ePingo uses email to contact you about your account or an order.) The phone number is required when placing an order. FedEx requires a contact phone number when shipping via express air.

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My Albums

Working with albums
Albums are named by default with the current date or you can give them any name you wish. Keep the album names short and do not use any special characters. Albums may contain as many files as you wish as long as any one file does not exceed 200 MB or the total does not exceed 250 MB in all your albums.

You may create several albums to manage your images. Albums are usually saved on our servers for 90 days from the last update. Please contact customer service if you want to have your files saved for a longer period of time. If you have large files that will not fit in an album or have many large files, send your files to ePingo on a CD or DVD. Send Pictures by CD or DVD

Get started with Upload Files and Create an album
Add pictures to your albums by clicking on upload files. Enter an album name in the selected check box. Choose an upload tool. The simple upload works with all browsers however you are limited to 5 images at a time. Choose the fast upload tool to select a group of files to upload. The simple upload tool can not be interrupted during upload or it will stop. The Fast upload will work in the background while you continue to browse the site.
Please keep your file names short, less than 25 characters.
Do not use special characters such as *&%)( and don't forget to add an extension to your file name. ie. img10255.jpg

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Viewing albums
You can View the images in your albums by clinking on My Albums. JPEG, PNG and TIF files are the only images that can be viewed. All other images will show a place holder icon with a message stating the reason a picture cannot be displayed.
Place holder icons are not the correct aspect ratio for your image. Do not use the "calculate the size" option when placing an order using a placeholder icon.
Thumbnails with a red border indicate the file is low quality and should be replaced with a better image. You can use thumbnails to place your order, then upload or mail better images while your order is on HOLD. Click on the ? for more information.

Adding Albums, Viewing Images and Image Tools

  • Create new albums when you add more picture or upload files. Change albums by selecting from the pull down menu. Delete an album by selecting all the pictures and click delete. The next album will then be displayed. Click on the image to see an enlarged image. Mouse over the picture to see the image size. Image size is a rough guide to the natural size the image can be enlarged before it starts to loose image quality. Please see How Large can I print this file.
  • Select pictures to be ordered as a group. Pictures must be of the same Size Group to be processed together.
    Group U images are odd size images such as panoramas, images that do not have a thumb nail because they are too large or files we can not thumbnail. They can be ordered together if they are the same size. If not process them individually. Click on the check box below each picture. The letter (A-D,U) next to the check box indicates the group. Use select all to add all the images in the album to process together.

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    Recovering lost albums
    If you delete an album by accident, you can restore the album from your computer by creating a new album and uploading the images. If the album was created by ePingo from files you sent via mail or uploaded, the album may still be on our servers. Contact customer service and they will help you recover a lost album.

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    Add pictures to your album

Add Pictures to a new album or an existing album. You can rename your new album to whatever you choose or use the default name of today’s date.

File formats ePingo can accept   JPEG and TIFF are the best formats for photos, while PDF files are the best for images with a lot of text. AI or EPS files, created in a drawing program, are recommended for logos that will be enlarged a lot for banners or posters. (If you only have access to a small web image, we may be able to recreate an enlarged version of your logo for a modest design charge.) We also accept Adobe Photoshop PSD, PNG, Microsoft Publisher, Power Point & Word Files, and digital camera RAW files. At this point, JPG, PNG and TIF images less than 30 MB in size are the only ones that will automatically produce a thumbnail image for preview in your album. All other will show up as a small Icon that says “preview not available for file type”. Once we bring your order into the local server, you may see a manually generated thumbnail in your album. Raster images (TIFF, JPEG, PNG) print with the highest quality if they are submitted at a size that is 1/3 of the final size or larger.
images (AI, EPS) are able to enlarge cleanly much larger than the original. When evaluating the size you need to submit, keep both resolution and final print size in mind. ePingo allows you to upload files as large as 204meg . Please limit the number of files and or sizes not to exceed 512 meg in one album. Large files will not generate a thumbnail in your album.


File name limitations
Some operating systems can create file names that are not compatible with our servers. For best results, the files you upload to our servers should have only letters, numeric digits, the underscore character _ and the period . If you encounter problems with file uploads not completing properly, or you receive an error message while uploading, check your files to be sure they have only the above characters, then try again.
Please keep your file names short, less than 25 characters.
Do not use special characters such as *&%)( and don't forget to add an extension to your file name. ie. img10255.jpg


Upload Files
Create an album or add to an existing album. Continue to the Upload Files page.
You have two choices for uploading the pictures, Multi-file Upload or Simple Upload. The default is the simple file upload tool. This html upload tool is compatible with almost all browsers and can be used even behind firewalls.  For either method, the file names you upload should have only letters, numeric digits, the underscore character _ or a period for maximum compatibility. If you are having trouble uploading files, be sure the are no special characters in the file names. Please note that our servers cannot accept all the special characters in file names that your operating system may allow.

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Multi file upload - Windows & Mac

Recommended for large files or Groups of files.
The Multi File Upload utility for Windows Internet Explorer (I.E.) requires an activex utility to upload files to your albums. The fast upload utility will check to see if it has the ActiveX components loaded. If not, you will be prompted to install the utility. Installation takes only a few seconds and as soon as you see the files window appear you can begin the image selection and then click upload. The next time you upload files, you can begin your uploads immediately. Mozilla Firefox and I. E. browsers with Java installed will be prompted to install the Persits Upload utility. Answer Yes to the upgrade request from Persits Software. The installation is automatic, safe and fast.

Choose Select Your Pictures to bring up the Choose Your Picture window. Choose the pictures to upload. You may select as many pictures as you want or repeat the process many times.  Select a block of pictures by clicking on the first while holding the shift key and then select the last in the list. Choose a group of pictures by individually clicking on the picture and holding the CTRL key. Click OK to add the pictures to your upload list.

Custom & Color Poster Printingfast Upload

When done, choose Step 2 Upload Pictures. During the upload a progress page will be displayed. Your pictures will be displayed in the album when the upload is complete.


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Simple file upload
The simple upload page is the best choice for users who do not want to install browser upgrades to use the multi file upload or do not have Microsoft Windows operating system on their computer.

This HTML file upload is platform independent and even works on networks with corporate firewalls. You can upload five files at a time and repeat the process until all your pictures are in the album. Works on Windows, Mac, UNIX, and Linux Computers.
Using the browse button, select the individual file to upload. "

Choose up to five files then choose Upload Pictures. Please note that during the upload process, an upload in progress window will appear. Please be patient, file upload times are dependent on Internet access speed. Your pictures will be displayed in the album when the upload is complete


Please allow popup windows for this page. Turn off your popup blocker for  ePingo.com .
Using the browse button, select the individual file to upload. Choose up to five files then choose Upload Pictures. Please note that during the upload process, an upload in progress window will appear. Please be patient, file upload times are dependent on Internet access speed. Your pictures will be displayed in the album when the upload is complete.

Photo Enlargements

DO NOT CLICK any link on this page, as it will stop the upload.
To continue browsing this site open a new window.
Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox users press CTRL N to open a new window

What should I do if I make a mistake?
If you make a mistake and upload the wrong picture, you can delete the image and upload a new picture.
If you have placed an order with the wrong picture, upload the replacement to the same album and change the name to reflect the difference. Email or call customer service and request they change the picture in your order.

If any file has a special character other than _ or . please rename the file before uploading it for best results. Choose the Add More Pictures button to add pictures to an existing album or choose New Album and start a new album.

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Upload time
The upload process may take a long time depending on the speed of your internet connection. If you have a dial up connection (56K max), don't try to upload too many files at a time. It will take a long time and the connection may be lost if your computer goes into sleep mode and may cause corrupt files. Cable modem and DSL users have a faster connection, however they are often limited to 128K-348K upload speeds. ePingo highly recommends the multi file upload tool when sending very large files or groups of files.

For example, the average 3.2 Mb pixel camera will create a 2 Mb JPEG file. . Uploading 10 images on a DSL or Cable at 512Kbits/sec could take 10 minutes to an hour. If you are having problems uploading your files contact Customer Service.

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Sending pictures by mail
Customers with very slow Internet connections or files that exceed the upload file size limitations can send their files to ePingo by Mail or any other common carrier. You may send as many files as you like.

Copy your files to a single folder on a CD, CDRW, DVD or DVDRW disk. For best results, upload a small JPG or PNG image into your album and use it to process an order online. Be sure to use the same file names. Click the HOLD MY ORDER checkbox (I am sending my pictures by mail) on the checkout page. Please use the special instructions to tell ePingo how you want your order processed. 

If you are unable to place the order online, download our PDF order form here, print it out, and enter your order
manually, providing all the information requested. We will confirm the order after we receive it.

ePingo will not begin to process your order until we receive your files. Your media will not be returned unless requested.

You may also send prints to be scanned. Mark the back of each print with a name and address and protect them from damage during shipment. Always place prints or slides between two heavy pieces of cardboard to protect them from bending or damage. Be sure to send your files and prints by a traceable common carrier. Your prints will be returned to you upon request.


Use and Preparation of File Types

Preferred File Types:

TIFF (TIF) files are excellent for any kind of photo or image because they maintain quality. Save them with LZW compression, which minimizes file size but does not degrade image quality. An 18x24 Photoshop file at 300 dpi will compress from 113 meg to 36.8 Meg with LZW Compression. A poster design with a lot of white space will compress from 75 meg to 5 Meg.

If you have manipulated an image, or have many layers, you can print with maximum quality and minimize file size this way:

  1. Bring the file to 1/3 final size or larger (including resolution). There is no reason to save TIFF files for printing at more than 300 dpi, as it takes up more file space, but does not have a visible effect on the printed product. Flatten the layers (i.e, save with without layers)
  2. Save with LZW compression.

JPEG (JPG) files, especially files directly from your camera, can produce excellent prints.

  • Set your camera to produce its best quality image (largest file size), saved with best quality ("fine" or "superfine" or equivalent).
  • If you manipulate or crop an image in any way, be sure to save it at print resolution (300 dpi) with maximum quality (large file size), or save it as a TIFF.

Default settings on many image or email programs assume that you are saving a JPEG for email or web pages. These programs shrink the picture, and make the file size smaller for quick download. It looks good on your computer screen, but this process permanently removes detail, and introduces noise (compression artifacts) that cannot be removed. Small web and email images generally do not enlarge well as a result of this process.

PDF files work very well for images that mix text and graphics, or are just text. The text retains its ability to enlarge very cleanly, and we do not need to have the font on our system.

  • When saving as a PDF from a drawing program (especially CorelDraw), be sure to save text as lines, not as a font. Make sure that the print boundaries are marked in some way so that we know what you intend to print. We normally will cut to the color, or obvious design. Please include special instructions or crop lines if this is not the case.
  • PDF format is not recommended for images that contain only photos, as the photos may lose quality. Submit photos as JPEG's or TIFFs.

AI or EPS Vector files created with a drawing program--Adobe Illustrator AI or EPS, Photoshop EPS files--enlarge cleanly at least six times and are an excellent way to submit logos for banners or large posters.

  • Please convert to a PDF or EPS file whenever possible.
  • Embed fonts and photos used in the file, or send us the font files and photos separately. Use high-resolution photos. When using Adobe Illustrator, be sure that the art board box contains your entire image. Also, be sure to save the image as PDF compatible. Low-resolution JPEG (raster) images saved as EPS (or any other vector type) files still will not enlarge well because the image does not have any more information than it did before. The file must be created as a drawing to benefit from the vector file type.
  • Vector files can be very large for complex, high-resolution designs, and may exceed the ePingo upload size limits. If you run into this problem, consider converting the design to a TIFF for printing purposes.

Other formats we accept:

PNG files can produce excellent prints if the image was created at high resolution. They are best for images with large areas of the same color, such as clip art. PNG is not recommended for photos or images with color gradients because color gradients will be converted to bands of similar colors. The images are compressed with no loss of quality. Photoshop PSD files can enlarge well.

  • Make sure photos in the file are high resolution. Be sure to send along any font files that are unique to your design, or save the file as a PDF.
  • If the file size is too large to conveniently upload, bring it to 1/3 final size, flatten it, and save as a TIF with LZW compression. It should be considerably smaller.

Microsoft Publisher PUB files can enlarge very well, especially if the photos included in the file are high resolution and/or the clip art is WMF format. If you are using basic fonts, just send us the Publisher file. If you are using some unusual fonts, please use one of these options:

  • Please convert to a PDF file whenever possible.
  • Embed the fonts (under the “tools” menu), and send us the Publisher file. This won't work with copyrighted fonts. Send us the font file along with the Publisher file. This is allowed under copyright laws.
  • Convert the file to another type. Before converting, make sure that your design fits in the page size you've set, or it may get cut off.
    • Printing to a PDF file format will maintain the best text quality; just be sure to set the PDF page size large enough to contain your Publisher page. Depending on your design, saving as TIFF or JPEG can also work well if you set the resolution to commercial printing (300 dpi) when you save. View the PDF, TIFF or JPEG file before you upload to ePingo to make sure it is correct.
    • Please also check that the print boundaries are correctly represented. If you have concerns, please let us know in the special instructions area.

Microsoft PowerPoint PPT files can enlarge very well.

  • Please convert to a PDF file whenever possible. If your file contains drawings and standard fonts, just submit the PowerPoint. Converting it to a TIFF or JPEG tends to produce very poor quality text, and jagged drawings. Photos in the file should be high-resolution images.
  • If your slide only contains a photo, please submit the photo separately as a TIFF or JPEG to maintain quality.

Microsoft Word DOC files are best used for pure text, or for giving us a design layout.

  • lease convert to a PDF file whenever possible. If you are using basic fonts, the text should enlarge cleanly to just about any size you need. If you are using one or more unusual fonts, please send us the font(s), or create a PDF. Photos included in a Word file lose quality when enlarged. If you are giving us a design layout, please upload high-resolution versions of the photos you would like to include to the same album.
  • If you only wish to print photos, please do not place them in a Word file; submit them as JPEG's or TIFFs.
Digital Camera RAW files are saved by the camera in 12- to 16-bit pixel images without any camera adjustments applied. Raw files have much more pixel data than 8 bit JPEG files. Adobe Photoshop Bridge, which we use, can import RAW files from most cameras and convert the files to high-resolution TIFF & JPEG formats. ePingo will adjust the raw files to give you the best color and brightness possible. Customers who submit raw files to ePingo for processing should provide special instructions to tell us how you want the images color corrected. It is automatically assumed that you are relying on ePingo processing standards to adjust your images,  if you do not provide special instructions and ask for a PDF proof. Proofing the files and making adjustments are subject to a labor charge of min $15 per image.

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Basic File Types

There are two basic types of image files: raster and vector. The type of file you have will determine the degree to which it can be enlarged. If you just need to know how to prepare the image you have, go to Use and Preparation of File Types.

Raster files are the most common. Images are composed of dots, or pixels, of different colors and intensity--you'll see this kind of image all the time in the newspaper. Andy Warhol made it popular in art. Camera files are made this way, as are most internet images. The number of dots, or pixels, and the number per inch (dpi) determine the amount of detail and the total amount of information in the image. If there is a lot of information, we can enlarge a lot. If there isn't much, or if it's been lost when saving for the web or email, we can't put the information back, even if we increase the number of dots per inch.  
Common raster file extensions: TIFF, TIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG

Vector files are mathematical descriptions of an image created by a drawing program. If you see them in the drawing program, they look like a bunch of dots connected by lines. Because these are basically a collection of mathematical equations, they can be enlarged many times over and remain sharp.
Common vecter file extensions: AI & EPS and some PDF's.

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ePingo can provide proofs when requested in the special instructions. These are the basic types:

Quality Proof
Sent when there are concerns about the ability of an image to enlarge.

Description and Use: The image is enlarged electronically to final size and resolution. An an 8 x 10 section is cropped out of the image and saved as a PDF. Print on letter-sized paper or view it at full size on your screen. Stand back to your anticipated viewing distance to evaluate the quality.

Crop (or Stretch) Proof
Sent when the ordered dimensions do not match the natural size of the image, and cropping or stretching will significantly change its appearance. ePingo does not normally send crop proofs if a crop is minor and obvious.

Description and Use: The image is brought to size and cropped (or stretched). A small version is saved as a JPEG View on a monitor.

Design Proof
Sent when we are changing your image--adding text, changing the layout, putting several elements together, or designing your print from scratch.

Description and Use: This proof is meant to show layout, and will not be full size or final resolution. View on a monitor.

Physical Proof
Rarely sent. If you need a printed proof, you should order a smaller version or a portion of your print as a separate order and choose the appropriate shipping method. If you need to see an example of a product or media type, please click on Media Sample Request and order free preprinted samples.

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Photo & Art Prints & Posters

Printing Photo & Art Prints or Posters
Select pictures in your album to be made into Photo prints or posters. You can select and order one image at a time, or, if several pictures have the same shape (aspect ratio: ratio of the short side to the long side), you can order prints as a group.
If all your pictures were taken by the same camera, then most likely they have the same aspect ratio. The exception is if you changed the resolution of the camera and uploaded a mixed group.
Pictures must be in the same Size Group to be processed together.
The Size Group is displayed as a letter (A,B,C,D,U) next to the check box below each picture.

Size Groups are based on the Aspect Ratio of your picture:
(A) Group = 1.000 to 1.290
(B) Group = 1.291 to 1.365
(C) Group = 1.366 to 1.450
(D) Group = 1.451 to 1.580
(U) Group = 1.581 and higher or Undetermined file type

Aspect Ratio is calculated by dividing the longer side's length by the shorter side's length.

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Is my print Portrait or Landscape

It is both. The images in your albums are both landscape and portrait. The orientation of the print does not matter because you are selecting a paper size to print the images. The image will fit on the paper, how you hang it is up to you.


Printing Photo & Art Prints
Choose a picture or Group of pictures in your album. Then click Order Photo .

From this page you can Order:

Photo Prints on Gloss, Satin and Matte Media
Choose an optional Border, Frame, Mat board and Glazing
Photo & Art prints on Canvas
Choose a Gallery Wrap Print with Gloss or Lustre Finish or
Choose a Canvas Ready to Frame with Gloss or Lustre Finish with a frame.

The Image Preview will show you a representation of the final print and allow you to view all the pictures in the group.
The options area will show you the size and price of each option you choose. The overall size of the print is also displayed to help you
adjust the options to create a the right size and to match an existing frame size.

Choose a Print Size from the list.
The drop down list shows the print sizes that match the natural size of the selected pictures. Choosing a print size from the list will eliminate the need to crop or stretch the print to fit a page size. Not all images will fit the size exactly. A small amount of cropping or stretching will be required to make the print fit the selected size. Digital camera image sizes do not fit off the shelf frames. You can add a border to make the print the right size for your frame. See Borders for more information.
This option is only available to JPEG , Tiff & PNG Files.

Enter a custom size
Choose :   Enter one side and calculate the other side.

This option will calculate the opposite side of the picture based on the dimension you enter first. Enter the short side dimension and click on the long side box. The long side dimension will automatically be displayed. Enter the long side and the short side will be calculated and displayed. This option is very useful when you don’t know what size you need but would like to hold one side and let the other side float.
This option is only available to JPEG , Tiff & PNG Files.

All other images will show a place holder Icon with a message stating the reason a picture cannot be displayed.
Place holder Icons are not the correct aspect ratio for your image. Do not use the calculate the size option when placing an order.
Choose:  Do NOT calculate - Let me enter the Size

Enter the short side and long side sizes in inches. This option is best when you know the exact dimensions you want.

If you are not sure what size to order,
check the picture size in the picture viewer on your computer.

Windows users can use Explorer to view the image size.
Poster Printing

Knowing the pixel dimensions will help you determine the size of the print.
A picture with a dimension of 1952 x 2608 has an aspect ratio (Long side / Short side) of 1:1.34.  If the short side is 20” the long side will be 20”x 1.34= 26.80”.

When you have selected custom size, entering both dimensions, you will be able to select from the list of sizing options.
Choose one or more of the choices or click on Follow my special instructions.

The choices are:

  • I have a frame this size.

    Crop to my size.

    Stretch to my size.

    Print the image a little smaller and add borders to reach my size

    Set the long side dimension and let the short side fall where it may

    Set the short side dimension and let the long side fall where it may.

  • Follow my special instructions. (Be sure to write those in.)

Some file formats aren't viewable as thumbnails, nor can the web site calculate the aspect ratio. These file formats include Adobe Photoshop .PSD, Illustrator .AI, Acrobat .PDF, .Tiff, Microsoft Word .DOC, Publisher .PUB and PowerPoint .PPT file formats. Be sure to determine the dimensions before you place the order or choose among the sizing options above to tell us how you want the file handled.

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Making a border
Borders always add to the print size, they do not reduce the image size.
Add borders to:

Fit a standard frame size.
Offset the print from the edge of the frame.
Make room for text and signature.
Provide finger and tape area when mounting to matte board.
Provide extra fabric needed for canvas prints that will be stretched on a wooden frame using a museum or gallery wrap.

Borders are charged at the same rate as the printed portion of the media.

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Printing Posters
Choose the pictures in your album. Then order a Order Poster.

From this page you can Order:

Photo & Poster Prints on Pro Gloss, Satin and Matte Media
Posters on Economy Poster Gloss, TR Matte and Graphics Matte
Trade Show Panels, backlit Light Box panels and Adhesive Vinyl
Choose an optional Border, Frame, Mounting and Laminating

Start your order by choosing a Poster Size from the drop down list or create a custom size. Keep in mind that the difference between a Photo & Art prints and a poster is the media choices and finishing options. Posters are printed, then typically mounted or laminated or both. Photo enlargements on the pro series media uses the same media and Ink as Photo & Art prints. The difference is in the finishing options. Mount, Laminate or both. mat board is not available in the poster area.

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Mega poster
A picture can be printed to any size you want, even as large as a wall. ePingo technicians can enlarge a high resolution image into panels that will be seamed together to form a mega-poster. Each panel is printed as a part of the whole image with an overlap to seam the image together. Panels are limited to the width of the media and, if mounted, to the size of the mounting board (approximately 48”x96”). Mounted panels can be seamless and pressed together to form a single picture or treated as independent elements in a collage.

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Mounting and Laminating
Posters are printed on water resistant media using UV pigmented inks. Protecting the poster from the abuse of constant handling, water, light and fingerprints requires lamination. Lamination is a clear thin plastic coating applied to the image by using pressure and heat. We offer satin, gloss, or pebble-finish lamination. Gloss is considered to bring out colors best, while satin looks great with somewhat less glare. The pebble-finish lamination is preferred when a non-glare surface is needed (such as posters with a lot of text).
More About Lamination

Mounting is the process of bonding the poster to a backing board, which provides rigidity to the image and is a simple way to hang a poster on the wall without framing. You have a choice of foam core or the more rigid gator board. Choose black or white board which ever looks best with your Poster. Gator board is a good choice for posters that will be hung on the wall. The poster is less likely to warp.
More about Mounting

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Printing Banners
Choose the pictures in your album. Then choose Order Banner ,

From this page you can Order:

Banner Prints on Economy Scrim or Scrim Vinyl.
Canvas banners with Gloss or Luster Finishing
Fabric Banners on Polyester and Satin Cloth
Choose an optional laminating, hemming , Pole Pockets, and many free finishing options
Backdrops for special occasions as large as you want from most of our banner materials

Choose a standard banner size from the drop down list.
Standard banners are based on our most popular sizes of banners. The actual printed width is 0.5” less than the media width.  
ePingo may leave a 0.25” border on the print unless you request full bleed in the special instructions.

Or, Choose a custom banner size by entering the size in inches.
ePingo can print banners on most media up to 59" wide by many feet long. We can also create larger banners by seaming panels together to meet your specifications. A seam charge will be added to your order based on the length of the seam and material requirements.
Standard banner media widths are 24”, 36", 42”, 50" and 60”. Not all media types are available in all sizes.

Banner orientation( portrait or landscape) is based on the image or the design not the print size.
A 24x48 print can be either a horizontal or vertical hanging banner.
The image determines the orientation, however you can choose how you want to hang the banner in the finishing options.

Banner Media
Choose the media that best fits your application. Economy TR Matte & Economy Scrim Vinyl are the cheapest and best choice for short-term outdoor banners. Scrim Vinyl is the best choice for long-term outdoor applications and those requiring the best image quality. Laminate the banner for longer outdoor protection from fading due to UV light or to keep it clean while handling. Lamination also makes the media more durable in windy areas. Canvas Matte, Fabric Polyester & Economy Satin Cloth are excellent indoor hanging banners. They may be used outdoors for short periods of time where there is little wind. Please see the Banner Media specifications for more details.  back to top


Banner Finishing options

Finishing options include Banner Ups, Holdons, grommets, hemming and pole pockets. Fabric Polyester should be hemmed to prevent the fibers from unraveling. Grommets are brass rings inserted into the media at intervals about every 24” to hang the banner. Grommet spacing depends on media weight and banner length; however grommets are in all corners and no more than 24” apart along the top of the banner. Grommets come in brass, nickel and black. sizes 1/4" to 1/2" .
Grommets and hemming are recommended for banners hung outdoors for long periods of time.
Pole pockets are used to hang banners from fixed positions such as lamp posts or over entryways where the banner is to be permanently hung on support poles. The standard pole pocket is designed to fit a 1 ” diameter pole. Choose the position of the pole pockets and add any special instructions if you want larger pockets.

Banners are typically larger than a poster and often stretched over a building or backdrop and supported by ropes, fasteners or pole pockets to a frame. Hemming a banner prevents the material from fraying and provides additional strength to reinforce the grommets. Pole pockets are used to support the banner on a frame with support rods. The pocket is a 3” fold that will fit a 1” diameter rod.
Click here for more detailed descriptions of banner finishing options.

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Mega banner and Backdrops
A banner can be printed to any size you want, even as long as 100'. ePingo technicians can enlarge a high resolution image into panels that will be seamed together to form a mega banner. Each panel is printed as a part of the whole image with an overlap to seam the image together. Panels are limited to the width of the media and distance the panel is to be stretched.
Click here for an illustration of a mega banner.

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Tips & Tricks

Digital camera tips
The resolution of your digital camera is determined by its pixel rating. I.e. 3.2 megapixels (Mpx), 4.0 Mpx, 8.2 Mpx, etc. A digital camera rated at 2.1 megapixel has a maximum resolution of 1600 by 1200 pixels. Printing the picture at a resolution of 100 dpi, the print size would be 16”x 12”. A 5 Mb pixel camera will produce an image resolution of 2600 x 1950 which again translates to a print size of 26” x 19.5” when printed at 100 DPI.

Higher resolution images, 5 MB or more can produce large prints without the loss of clarity. The more pixels ePingo has to work with, generally the better the results.

ePingo uses advanced Photoshop tools to enlarge your images and increase the resolution. A 1600 by 1200 pixels at 72dpi can be converted to a 1600 by 1200 300 dpi thus improving the image quality and allowing larger print sizes.

Most Cameras have a selectable resolution mode, such as Good, Better and Best. Newer cameras state the resolution in terms of size file. Some even have a very high quality mode using RAW files or Tiff files. Be sure you know what image quality setting is on your camera before you take those unforgettable prints.

You can usually tell from the number of shots available on the storage card what image size you have selected. If you have very few shots available on a blank card, chances are you are in the highest quality mode.

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Scanning tips
When scanning an image for the internet or for email, or even to make small prints, your scanner’s default settings are usually sufficient. When scanning to make a large print, though, you will probably need to figure out how to change the resolution and the file type and quality for saving.There are three important considerations when scanning an original print, negative or slide for enlargement.

  • Make sure the scanner glass and your original material are clean. Use glass cleaner on the scanner glass, and remove the dust from the glass and original print, slide or negative. Use a spray can with compressed air or a lint-free cloth.Match the scanning resolution to the material and enlargement. Most prints should be scanned at 600 dpi, and most slides or negatives at 1200 dpi or 2400 dpi. Using these resolutions, you will usually be able to produce a good quality 24 x 36 (possibly larger) print out of a good quality 4 x 6 original, or 35 mm negative.
  • Save the scan as a TIFF image with LZW compression, or as a maximum quality JPEG (large file size, or no compression).
    Using those file types and conditions will maintain the quality of your scan.

A good scan will produce a large file. If your file is much larger than expected, or you run out of memory when saving the file, check your scan settings. You may have scanned the entire scanner bed rather than the small area of the 4 x 6 photo you wanted. Your scanner help files can help you limit the scan area. For more scanning tips please see HP Quick Tips for Scanning Photos

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How to check your image for enlargement quality
ePingo will check every image for its ability to make a satisfactory enlargement at the dimensions you've requested. You can do some of these tests before you send the image. If you have Photoshop or a similar program, bring the image to final size and print resolution. Photos and posters are printed at 300 dpi, and banners at 150 dpi. Set rulers to inches, and zoom into your image until the inch marks on the rulers are about 1" apart. This is quite close to real size, and what you see is what the print will look like. Look for:

  • Correct dimensions. Does your image need cropping, stretching or borders to reach the size you need? Please make those adjustments, or let us know what you would like to do. Sharpness. Are your edges sharp or fuzzy? Is the subject of your photo in focus? Is text sharp, or does it have jagged edges?
    (If the image is sharp when zoomed out a little, and also sharp when zoomed in a little more, you may have a rendering error, not a bad image. The monitor screen has trouble showing certain resolutions.)
  • Noise. Are solid areas very speckled, or divided into little squares? Do edges have squiggly lines around them? If so, you probably have camera noise, or artifacting from JPEG compression. Those are difficult to remove. You may want to print at a smaller size where these problems are less apparent.

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Your Shopping Cart

The CART: Viewing the contents of the Shopping Cart
Choose the Cart button on the top navigation bar to view the shopping cart. The items in your shopping cart are listed below the blue bar.

Each item is listed by print type, size, media selection, special finishing options, special instructions and the image file names. The quantity shown is for each image listed in the albums box. The price shown is the total for the individual line item. You cannot change the quantity in the shopping cart. You may add another item to the cart to increase the number of prints you want or you can add another item, which includes the total prints, and remove the previous line item for your cart.

You can continue shopping by choosing any of the navigation buttons at the top or choose the continue shopping button.

If you abandon the order process before placing an order the contents of your shopping cart is saved.
The next time you login, click on the cart link at the top of the header to view the contents of the cart.

Checking Out and Placing an Order

From the shopping cart choose Proceed to Checkout.

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Shipping: Choose Ship to Billing Address or Ship to This Address
You have a choice as to where you want your order shipped. The default is ship to the billing address. If you have not placed an order with ePingo the address and company fields are blank. When you have completed your first order at ePingo, the address and company fields will be saved in your account. The next time you place an order the address and company fields will be auto filled.
The Billing Address must be the same as the credit card holder's address. Choose ship to billing address if you are going to Pickup your order at ePingo, Inc. Fremont, California and then choose Pickup at ePingo in the shipping options.

You may choose to ship to another address different from the billing address. You can also Blind ship to your customer and ePingo will use your documentation and labels. Please be sure to add any special instructions that will help ePingo deliver you order to the ship to address.

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Review: your order

The review page shows all the options need to complete your order. 
Design services: include photo restoration, scanning, graphics design, poster and banner design services and consultation.
You can purchase design services in advance or request a quote before we proceed.
Coupon Code: If you have a promotional discount coupon code or have been assigned a permanent discount code please enter the code. The discount price will be calculated and applied to the total.

Process My Order in: ePingo standard in house processing time is 5-7 business days. If you need faster delivery ePingo offers expedited service. You can choose either  3-4 days at a 25% expedite fee, 1-2 days at 50% expedite fee or 24hr service for 100% expedite fee.  Choosing the right combination of in house processing time and shipping time will insure your order will be delivered in the required time.
Ship My Order by:
Choose a shipping Method; ePingo uses the U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail and Federal Express Air and Ground services.  Choose the service that best fits your need. Postal Service Priority mail is not guaranteed and is not traceable until the package  is delivered.  DO NOT USE Postal Service for packages that must be delivered to you under a deadline. Oversized packages that are over 108” in Girth plus Length can not be shipped by priority mail. Oversized packages less than 165” in girth plus length can be shipped by FedEx Ground however the shipping cost are much higher. Customers with oversize packages will be contacted by email and advised as to the best way to ship your order.
Choose Pickup at ePingo if you want to use your own FedEx or UPS account. You will be charged a handling charge for the packaging. Enter the account number in the special Instructions box.
California Sales Tax:
California orders are subject to a unified sales tax of 8.75%.  We are also required to collect CA sales tax for orders with either a billing address or shipping address in California. According to California tax code, most non-profits are also required to pay sales tax.

Expected Delivery with the above options:  The choices you make in the shop processing time and shipping method are used to calculate the calendar days till you can expect your order to be delivered. Please note the days calculated are a conservative estimate, not a guarantee, and the time required in house may vary depending on many factors.

I Need Delivery by: Enter the date you need your order. The date you need your order delivered is very important to ePingo. Regardless of the choices you made in the shop processing time and shipping method , ePingo will use the date you give us to set printing priorities to meet that deadline and in some cases change how we ship the order to you. Your order will be processed ASAP to determine if the image has any problems, to check whether the package can  be shipped by the selected method and/or the media chosen is in stock. Tell us when you need the order delivered and we will get it there on time. If expedite or faster shipping is required to meet your deadline, we will contact you for authorization of the higher charges.

Hold My Order: I am sending my pictures by mail. Customers who have very large files, large quantity of files or very slow internet access can send there files to us by mail. They can process their order in advance by uploading thumbnails of the pictures and then using the thumbnails to place the order. Once the order is completed you will receive a confirmation by email or you can print the final order from you web browser. Enclose a copy of your order in with the CD you send in the mail. When the CD arrives we will notify you by email. Your order start date will be on the business day the CD is down loaded to your folder on our servers.
Special Instructions: Please use the special instruction box to enter any instructions you want ePingo to follow in processing your order.  Please be sure to ask for a PDF Proof of any poster or banner design that you want to approve before it is printed.

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Payment: Choose Payment Options
Choose Payment type: ePingo accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.
Your credit card will be Authorized for the amount of the purchase when you place the order, and will be charged when we complete the order. No preparation or printing will be done on orders with credit cards that were declined.

Note: ePingo accepts debit cards from the same credit card brands, but the issuing bank treats them differently. When the card is Authorized, the bank deducts the full amount from your account, but ePingo does not receive the funds until the card is charged on completion of the job.

ePingo accepts purchase orders from qualified customers only under certain circumstances. Contact us in advance to approve your purchase order.

Account Number: enter the credit card account number or Purchase order number if PO is selected in the payment type.

Full Name: enter the full name of the credit card holder as shown on the card.

Zip Code/Postal Code: Enter the zip code of the credit card holder's billing address.

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Place Your Order
Your order is now complete. Please write down the order number or print this page. You will receive a confirmation by email. Please allow 5-7 working days for normal processing orders to ship. You will be sent a tracking number when your order ships from our facilities.

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Canceling an order
If you have made an error or just want to cancel your order, please contact ePingo sales by phone or contact us with a cancellation request. Your order cannot be canceled if the pictures have been printed, a Frame has been built or special ordered products have been shipped from our vendors. If we have done design work you requested, the design charges will still apply. A restocking fee of 15-25% may be applied to special ordered products.

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