The Mega Poster
  3 Panels 54" x108" Seamed
  ePingo can print images up to 59.5" wide in a single panel for most media. In order to make a Mega Poster , backdrop or Banner, ePingo constructs panels with overlapping seams. Using this mega poster technique you can order a very large print as one continuous panel or separate them into Sets of two, three or four individual mounted or framed prints.

  The largest multi panel print that ePingo has produced is a wall 9' high x 62' long. Each panel was matched to the next to form one very large abstract image.
  Adhesive Vinyl Wall


Rock & Glass is a single panel on Scrim Vinyl that was
used for a backdrop in a trade show booth.

  Rocks & Glass on Vinyl


The map of San Francisco is on 3 panels that are joined
together using overlapping seams. The media is
Economy TR matte, one of our best low cost media.

  3 Panel Map on Economy TR Matte


This panel shows an automobile advertisement printed on Economy TR matte and mounted on .188" gator board. It was gallery wrapped around the edges.

  2007 Jeep Mounted 48" x 96"

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