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PolyTuff Matte

Banners & Backdrops
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Rollup Banner Stands.

Scrim Vinyl

This matte polyethylene based banner media is very rugged, economical and tear resistant. It has been wind tunnel tested to withstand winds of 75 mph. Image quality is very good, making it a great choice for text and graphics. The surface is very smooth. The ink is water-resistant, but may smear if rubbed while wet before it has time to cure. Laminate for added protection from fading and to make the banner weather proof and washable.

PolyTuff matte is our recommended choice for budget outdoor banners.

For short-term use (up to a 6 months of exposure), its water-resistance is good for most environments. For longer term use, or severe weather exposure, we recommend lamination for fade resistance and ease of cleaning.

PolyTuff matte is coated with a satin laminate to make the banner more durable. The laminate protects the banner coating from UV light, air polutants, dirt and water. Polytuff Matte is a excellant product for backdrops, banners and pole Banners. Please see the technical specifications link for more details on design and applications.

Surface: Smooth matte surface
12 mil
Max Width: 49.4” Max Length: 24’
Brightness: 96%
Permanence rating: >1-2 years
Outdoor Rating: 6 Mo., Laminated 12+mo.
Durability: Tough, Water Resistant.
                   Laminate for long-term weather exposure
Brand: Lexjet.com
Scrim Vinyl LTX

Mutiple Panel Backdrops
Outdoor Banners
Wall Murals
POP Display

This durable scrim banner media has a high quality semi-gloss finish that renders high image definition and vivid colors for maximum impact. Imagine a vinyl media that prints like photo media and is so durable that it will last years outdoors. Low cost and versatile it can be used in a wide verity of applications from wall murals to outdoor signage. Banners hung on walls, fences and buildings that are not exposed to the wind do not need to be hemmed.  Banner strung between poles or trees in the open need to have banner tape and power tabs in the corners to prevent tear out.

Surface: Semi-Gloss lightly textured
Thickness: 17.7 mil / 16 OZ
Max Width: 59”
Multiple Panels:
Brightness: 90%
Permanence rating:>1+ years in Commercial Window
Outdoor Rating: 1+ years, Laminated 2+years
Durability:Water Resistant, Fire Retardant NFPA 701 B1             
Brand: Hewlett Packard
Fabric Polyester

Window Displays
Textile Wall Hangings
Banner Stands

This new Polyester Fabric is a excellent choice for trade show and events. Light Textle Polyester is a great media for backdrops, POP displays and many more applications where fabric is desired.  Hemming is not required because the edges do not fray.  There are no toxic substances and this media is considered eco-Friendly.
Surface: Matte Smooth
Max width single panel: 59”
Multiple panels: Yes

Brightness: 84%
Permanence rating:>1 yr in Commercial Window
Outdoor Rating: 1+ years
Durability:Water Resistant
Brand: Lexjet.com
Satin Canvas LTX


Wall Murals
Wall Paper

Decorative Design & Restoration

The satin finish on this cotton-polyester canvas produces true–to-life color brilliance.  The latex inks are encapsulated in a polymeric coating that when dry produces bright and vibrant colors. Satin canvas is fade, scratch and crack resistant, easy to handle and offers great outdoor durability. Satin canvas does not smudge or streak when wet and can easily be stretched. No surface protection is required however improve durability by using a non yellowing spray sealer. This is an absolutely wonderful media that produces prints that rival our pigmented ink canvas prints. The major difference between Satin Canvas LTX and Canvas Matte, Gloss and Lustre is that the pigment inks produce a wider color gamut and better black and whites tones.
Surface:Satin Textured
16.5 mil
Max Width single panel: 59”
Multiple panels: Yes

Brightness: 80%
Permanence rating:>200+ years, 1 yr in Commercial Window
Outdoor Rating: 1+ yr
Durability:Water Resistant, Crack & Scratch Resistant
Brand: Hewlett Packard
PolyTR matte

Mutiple Panel Backdrops
Indoor Banners
Wedding Reception Panels
Birthday & Anniversary
Time lines.
Guest Signature Banner

Ideally suited for short-term outdoor or indoor applications. This premium, water-resistant, polypropylene media works well for commercial quality photo reproductions of large prints, posters and maps. This specially designed media has a high tear strength, even when wet. TR Matte is one of our best all purpose media's, useful for almost any printing application other than Professional Photo printing.
Surface: Matte Smooth
7.5 mil
Max Width in a single panel: 59”
Brightness: 90%
Permanence rating: <+5 year
Outdoor Rating: 3-12 Mo.
Durability: High Water & Tear Resistance
Brand: Hewlett Packard