Poster PrintingBanner Finishing
  Banners are typically larger than a poster and often stretched over a building or backdrop and supported by ropes, fasteners or pole pockets to a frame. Hemming a banner prevents the material from fraying and provides additional strength to reinforce the grommets. Pole pockets are used to support the banner on a frame with support rods. The pocket is a 4" fold that will fit a 1” diameter rod.

Finishing Options Price per Lin. Ft
Banner Ups Free
Hems $3.00 per lin ft
Hem & Grommet $3.00 per lin ft
Pole Pockets $4.20 per lin ft
Banner seams
(2 panel seam )
$6.00 per lin ft

Banner Ups

An alternative to grommets, Banners Ups are tough plastic with peel and stick adhesive backing. Stronger than grommets and banners don't have to be hemmed.



We hem banners with a high strength durable double-sided tape. Hems are 1.0" of media folded over then taped together to make a strong bond and finished edge. The tape does not show a visible seam on the front of the banner. Hemming is recommended on Fabrics Polyester. Outdoor banners should be hemmed if they will be in partial or full wind. Epingo hems outdoor banners with power tape and inforces the corners with power tabs.

Hem & Grommets
Edges are hemmed then metal grommets are placed at regular intervals, less than 24 ”, to support the weight of the media. Grommets come in brass, nickel and black.
Size 1/4" and 3/8" . As agernal rule we use small grommets on small banners abd lrge grommets on banners to be used outdoors. You can specify the grommet color you prefer or ePingo will match the color for you.

Pole Pockets are 4 taped folds, which will accommodate a 1 diameter rod. Standard pole pockets have a viewable area from the top of the pole to the bottom pole. If graphics or text are within 3 of the top or bottom of the banner the pole pocket will distort the viewable area.

See diagram below: Edges are folded over to form a loop for the pole. The loop is taped to the back of the media to form a durable bond.

Note:Grommets are added to the seams to prevent tearing.