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Window & Wall (Adhesive Displays)
Put your prints on a wall or window without any hanging accessories necessary. Create wall murals with your photographs or advertise your business with window clings.

8'x10 Photo Mural

Wall Displays and Murals

Photo Fabric LowTac you can stickup anywhere and reuse. PhotoTex adhesive-back fabric sticks to any non-porous flat surface and removes easily with no residue for sharp-looking, seamless graphics and superior photographic images every time.

Wallpaper has the texture, feel and finish of true wall paper - without the PVC1! Create custom-designed, truly unique wall decoration with a printing material that enables a powerful combination of professional photography, professional interior design, and digital printing technology.

Installation and removal is a snap

You're likely to end up saving money with this cost-effective solution. This wall paper is pre-pasted—simply activate the glue with water and install. There's no need to handle separate glues or adhesives, and no glue waste to deal with. You get strong adhesion, yet with this strippable wall paper, removal is easy

Making Murals:
Creating wall murals requires a good understanding of the wall location the desired size and the correct media for the application. When you choose a wall to cover with a mural you will then need to determine how much of the wall will be covered by the mural. This is important because you need to determine the maximum size of each panel in the mural and whether you will need additional media to be able to trim to the ceiling or floor.

Listed below are a few things to consider when ordering a mural?

  1. Mural Height and Width
  2. Mural Orientation, Panel Orientation ~ Horizontal or Vertical
  3. Panel Width, Repeat Pattern Length ~ Please see notes below.
  4. Location and Light
  5. How long will it last
  6. Which media to choose

    Technical Notes:
                Panel Width. Large panels are hard work with and can be very difficult to hang.Choose a panel width based on the overall mural dimensions. Choose the panel orientation and the panel overlap direction. I.e. overlap right over left or left over right depending on the primary viewing direction. If the mural is in a hallway on the right side of the hall the viewing direction in right to left. The seams should be right to left overlap to hide the seams. Repeat pattern length must be accounted for in ordering panels. Horizontal panels can be ordered top over bottom.

Window Displays

Matte Vinyl LowTac is an excellent choice for long lasting commercial displays. This media has great print quality with vibrant colors. The best part is that you can easily remove and reuse the print at a later date. You can stick it up anywhere indoor or outdoor.

Perforated Window Vinyl (70/30) is a 6-mil perforated vinyl for producing see-through window graphics that can attract attention and generate increased store traffic. The 70% printable area, 30% open area pattern, and 1.5 mm hole size is an ideal combination for producing eye-catching prints that do not obstruct visibility through the window.

  • Easy install, and remove
  • Cleanly removable from glass for one year
  • Designed for exterior mounted window graphics
  • 70/30 ratio provides greater printable surface for visual punch








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